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  • Step 1. Go to our CGN Website
  • Our CrossGroup Networking website with "everything CrossGroup" is
  • Step 2. Here's our ZOOM Link - mark this down!
  • All of our online meetings are at http://CrossGroup.Online which is a Zoom meeting. This link is "live" at the time of each meeting.
  • Step 3. Our WEBINARS - come as often as you can!
  • Monday - Friday, 9 am PST / 12 pm EDT
  • Click link above at webinar time, or go to
  • Look over our webinar and online meeting schedule to determine what fits into your schedule. Come as often as you can!

Weekday Schedule

  • MONDAY: Water Cooler, open to all Members and Guests ... led by Jim, Mike, Greg
  • TUESDAY: Tech Tuesday, CGN Members Only ... Dr. Greg Sanders - Community Maximizer
  • WEDNESDAY: Golden Rule Networking, CGN Members Only ... Mike Hayes - Founder
  • THURSDAY: Water Cooler, open to all Members and Guests ... led by Jim, Mike, Greg
  • FRIDAY: Global Chamber Cooperative, CGN Members Only ... Jim Chong - Co-Founder

CGN Expo (monthly)

  • Usually the 3rd Thursday of each month. October EXPO date coming soon!
  • Step 4. Join Yac - our special way of communicating
  • Join Yac right now so that I (Mike Hayes) can send you a personalized Video Welcome!! Best of all, it's FREE, and it will save so much time! (There is also a paid upgrade for as little as $3 a month which gives you more power & additional features)

  • What is Yac? Yac is an asynchronous communication platform (mobile app, desktop app) that you can join for FREE, for communicating back and forth whenever it's convenient to you, so ... you to Mike Hayes, him to you, and you to other members of the CrossGroup family. It allows you to simply and easily send Audio messages, and Videos, to anyone else on Yac that is part of our group.

  • Join the CrossGroup Yac group at
  • Step 5. Get our App - keep us right on your phone
  • WHY an APP? The CGN "MaxCard" App has our Events, Webinar Schedule, and much more. It's like our CrossGroup mobile "bulletin board." It also enables you to quickly and easily share CrossGroup with others.

  • GET THE APP. To get the app, just text CGN to 64600 or (when you're on your phone) go to

  • SAVE TO HOME SCREEN. Still on your phone, click the link (if you text CGN to 64000) or (if you type in the URL) open the CGN App and save it to your phone's home screen. If you have an iPhone, just click the square box with the "up arrow" at the bottom middle of the screen (right when the app opens), and choose Add To Home Screen. On an Android, click the three little dots at the top right when you open the app, and then choose Add to Home Screen.

  • SHARE IT! Share the CGN MaxCard app with others. Invite them to join us!
  • Step 6. Add yourself to our MALL DIRECTORY
  • Be Visible! Connect! The CrossGroup directory makes YOU and your business visible to others in the CrossGroup community, and allows you to quickly and easily connect with others. It is like an electronic phonebook.

  • Join our Directory. After you download the App, add yourself and your business profile to our Member Directory so that others in the community can find you and network with you. Here's how. When the CGN app is open, tap once to go to the home screen, then look for the button or tab called MALL DIRECTORY - FREE! At the top left, click Add Me To This Directory, then "Create New Account Here." Add your name, email, phone, and whatever username and password you want. Click the blue Sign-Up / Register button and you're "in." Then go to your email account (the one you used to register above) and look for a link to upload your photo, logo, and other profile information.

  • Update Any Time. Update your Directory profile any time you like! Just open up the emailed link again and modify to your heart's content.
  • Step 7. Join the VAULT - Global Mastermind community
  • and BEE KONNECTED - with Konnection Generator
  • What is the Vault? CrossGroup is a proud member of the VAULT by Noble Goldman, a fun, creative, global mastermind community where can meet other affluent and self-motivated people, encounter various opportunities for earning MSI, or Multiple Streams of Income, and where we host some awesome CrossGroup masterminds, and so much more!

  • Join Today! Join the Vault for FREE on my link (see link below). The Vault has an outstanding 50% commission affiliate program (and that's just the 1st of 3 tiers) with lots of extras if you're interested.

  • What is Bee Konnected? Take the "work" out of networking with Bee Konnected and their unique Konnection Generator! It's like "speed dating" for business. And you can join for FREE and start connecting with influencers and "best fit" business associates. Bee Konnected also offers Live in the Hive to watch or create shows, learn from experts, and attend networking events.

  • Join Today! Join Bee Konnected for FREE on my link (see link below). They also have paid program upgrades and an optional Affiliate program. What's not to like about multiple streams on income!
  • This is just the beginning!
  • Thanks for taking this journey with us! Welcome to CrossGroup Networking!

  • We practice the Golden Rule. Let us know how we may serve you!

Questions? Let's Connect

Mike Hayes - Founder, CrossGroup Networking

Call or text: 415-781-9296

  • What are your communication preferences?
  • How would you like us to communicate with you? Please tell us here.

Thank you!

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