All CGN programs follow the Golden Rule!

Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You.

U.S.A - Un Stoppable Affluence

CGN Programs!


  • Water Cooler - Mondays & Thursdays, 9 a.m. PST (see link below)
  • CGN EXPO - monthly BIG networking event, 100+ attendees!
  • BASIC MEMBERSHIP, $10/month ... Additional Benefits

  • VALUE = $25/month or more! Your Price = only $10/mo. (limited time offer

  • All paid morning programs, 9 a.m. PST, Monday - Saturday
  • Tech Tuesdays - on Tuesdays (of course!)
  • Golden Media Club (Wednesdays)
  • Global Chamber Cooperative (Fridays)
  • Networking Buzz (Saturdays)
  • VIP status for CGN EXPO - monthly BIG networking event, 100+ attendees!
  • Huge Discounts on all CGN Premium services
  • Early notice and special member perks

Only $10 a month


See Membership Page (button above)


  • VALUE = $200 - $3,000 / month! Your price = only $30/month! (limited time offer)

  • A full-page ad in top magazines targeting affluent communities is $3,000 per page.
  • Mike buys discounted, surplus ad space (he's good at it), and uses this for YOU.
  • These are prime pages in most cases; the discounts are NOT lower value pages.
  • Your business will be highlighted on 1 or more such pages, every month!
  • The feature ads will be shared with only a handful of other CGN members
  • Great exposure and visibility for your business!
  • GOLDEN MEDIA FUND, $50/month ... Video Documentary & Much More!

  • VALUE = $1,500 - $5,000 / month! Your price = only $50/month! (limited time offer)
  • Be featured in the new Video Documentary that Mike Hayes is making about small business owners and entrepreneurs. Mike is excellent at this work, has a lifetime of experience, and has many connections to help explode your business!
  • GO FUND ME - You will also share in the funds raised through a Go Fund Me campaign that is a result of this documentary when it is released.
  • You won't find a great MEDIA VALUE anywhere in the world!

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can revolutionalize your business!

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and monetize your business? What an opportunity!!

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The ... Golden Rule Of Uniting People

The Best People. The Best Networking.

Network to Grow RICH in your NICHE!!

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