A Quick History of CrossGroup

CrossGroup Networking began in 2019 as the brain child of Mike Hayes, former documentary producer for NBC and 2-time Peabody award winner. Mike is fun, highly creative, and he has a huge vision for what networking can be and SHOULD BE. For that reason, Mike has been called the Networking King. With CrossGroup Networking (CGN), Mike is creative something entirely unique - a Networking Group that brings together other Networking Groups! A hub or "grand central station" of groups, and of the individuals that comprise those groups.

Starting with just a handful of people, CrossGroup Networking's monthly BIG event has grown to over 400 registrations (who come mostly from EventBrite) and over 100 - 125 who actually show up at the monthly meetings. The program has grown to include daily webinars like the Water Cooler, and most recently is involving to include a high-value, structured Basic Membership program that will provide strong value to its members.

And now ...

About our Team

Mike Hayes



Mike Hayes is present at almost all of the CrossGroup events, often leads the meetings or contributes to them with his numerous nuggets of wisdom. He is very excited about being able to offer Masterminds within the Vault and on Bee Konnected, two new platforms which will give CrossGroup some great exposure to many more motivated business owners and entrepreneurs. If anyone deserves the brilliance of Mike Hayes, it is these hard-working people who serve as the backbone to the new economy. Mike is also generous with all, and has insisted that the CrossGroup community put the Golden Rule first in all of its dealings. We can all get on board with that! What a great "new world" we will have if everyone puts follows the Golden Rule of both Business and Life.

Jim Chong



Jim Chong is the MC and host of most of the CrossGroup events, and supplies invaluable leadership in the realm of publicity, team-building, and many other areas. Jim works on a daily basis with celebrities and highly influential persons for increasing their visibility, professionalism and influence. He is often present at large community events and rallies, usually serving as an MC, both within the Asian-American community and beyond. Jim is deeply principled, truthful, and brought many members from his associations into the young CrossGroup community. Jim is really fun as an MC, and even has been known to break out in song on a webinar upon occasion. You need to come and experience Jim's style and even his little friend, "Mikey," whom he breaks out just for fun!

Dr. Greg Sanders

Community Maximizer


Dr. Greg Sanders is the newest member of the CrossGroup "triumvarate" or trio of leaders, and is assisting in the realm of tools, systems and technology. He recently rebuilt the CrossGroup website and connected it to the new CS Pro CRM that adds much functionality to the community. Dr. Sanders holds a PhD. in Sociology, and has taught at the university level for 30 years. He brings that level of experience and organization to CrossGroup. As a pastor and person of deep faith and conviction, Dr. Sanders has his own online community called the "Max Community," which is also dedicated to serving others with heart-centered business practices. He is totally on board with applying the Golden Rule within all of our dealings. Greg has also been known to do some crazy things during CrossGroup webinars and events. Who has time to be stale and boring when you're in front of a Zoom screen for 6-8 hours a day! You gotta shake it up a little bit!

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